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Robe á la Française / Pet-en-l’air (JPR-Robe)

Robe á la Française / Pet-en-l’air (JPR-Robe)




The pet-en-l’air has a fitted torso without front waist seam, and a pleated sack back that extends from neckline to hem. The fit of the bodice is controlled by the lining. It has an under stomacher that laces closed in the front and ties to adjust the back. Pattern is for pet-en-l’air, three sleeve flounces and stomacher only. Instructions are included for extending the pet-en-l’air into a gown and for constructing a shaped petticoat which will hang evenly over pocket hoops.

Depending on the shape you’d like to create, wear with full Panier or smaller Hoop Skirt.

This pattern is based on extant examples of sack gowns and pet-en-l’airs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Two sizes per pack: US 6-8 (= Bust 80-85 cm, Waist 60-65 cm), (10-12 = B 90-95 cm, W 70-75 cm), (14-16 = B 100-105 cm, W 80-85 cm), (18-20 = B 110-115 cm, W 90-95 cm) oder (22-24 = B 120-125 cm, W 100-105 cm).

All pictures, except the one at the bottom, depict extant 18th C. garments.














Our customer Andrea Thadewald and her husband Tino on their wedding day.





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6-8, 10-12, 14-16, 18-20, 22-24