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1884 French Vest Bodice (TV463)

1884 French Vest Bodice (TV463)



Ilja Repin, Warwara Ixkul von Hildenbandt (1889)

This bodice is designed after styles shown in many fashion magazines of 1884. The front of this bodice has a simulated vest portion. This vest can be of a different fabric and trimmed to effect. The front outline is pointed and the sides curve upward over the hip. The back and side-back have short “tails” that lay in loose box pleats to fit over any size bustle. The sleeve is in 2 pieces, and can be made either full, princess, or ¾-length. There is a double Military collar, which can also be made of separate fabric, to continue the vest effect.

Sizes XS-XXL (Bust 50 – 125 cm = 30 – 50″) included.

1883 Fashion Print

1885 Illustration