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Hand Dyed Crewel Wool Elizabethan Range


Hand Dyed Crewel Wool Elizabethan Range


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This set features 27 shades of 100% merino crewel wool, hand dyed with natural dyes already in use in the 17th Century! The range only consists of colors actually available to 17th – 19th C. dyers.

You receive brilliant, bright colors so very much different from modern chemically dyed products. Also the shades in this hand dyed yarn range are subtle colours which often contain more than one tone.

Different shades of this fine crewel yarn can be mixed together giving a unique vibrancy to your work, whether it be crewel embroidery, cross-stitch, tapestry, needlepoint, free style embroidery, lace knitting or weaving. As the hand dyed yarn is spun from long strands of lamb’s wool it is strong but has a soft handle and a gentle sheen, adding an individual touch to your embroidery work.

Elizabethan Range: 27 shades at 25m each

All colours can also be purchased separately. See the product links below.