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Robe à la Française 1770s (RH184)

Robe à la Française 1770s (RH184)



This style features the typical front closure of the late Française dresses without a stomacher. You decide whether you’d like to make a full Robe, which can be worn à la Polonaise as well, or a Jacket version for undress wear. Instructions for making a matching petticoat, and patterns for pocket hoops and pinner cap are included as well. You can also wear this dress with our ready-made hoop skirt!

Sizes (US 8-14 = bust 75-90cm, 30″-36″) or (16-20 = bust 95-105cm, 38″-42″) per pack.

Extant Dress c. 1765-1775

Merken Merken

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(8-14), (16-20)


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