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1877 Two-Tone Bodice (TV423)


1877 Two-Tone Bodice (TV423)


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This versatile bodice is suitable for countless project. It is designed after styles shown in many fashion magazines of 1875-1880. The front has a simulated vest portion. This vest can be of a different fabric and trimmed to effect. The back has long seams that reach up to the shoulder. The center back portion can be made of a different color like the vest, or of the same fabric as the rest of the bodice. The hip is bluntly pointed at the center front and center back, and the sides curve upward over the hip. The sleeve is in 2 pieces, and can be made either full length, princess length, or with a flared cuff. The collar is the pointed roll that was very popular during this period. Fits snugly over a corset, without a bustle.

Sizes XS-XXL (Bust 50 – 125 cm = 30 – 50″) included.