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1884 Wash Overskirt (TV362)

1884 Wash Overskirt (TV362)



This overskirt design is seen in a Butterick Catalog in 1884. A very similar skirt was also found in an 1882 catalog, worn without a bustle. The design of this overskirt allows the swags and poufs to be let out flat, to allow for washing and ironing. This ability lends the name of “wash” dress, and is therefore usually made of cotton or other washable fabrics. But the elegant drapings are also suitable for fine dress fabrics as well. As given here, it is designed to be worn with an underskirt and bustle petticoat TV101.

The pointed front apron is attached to the sides, the edges form casings for tie strings which lift the sides and apron, giving a beautiful swag and rear puffs. The sides split at the center front and continue to the back without a seam, having a center back seam and closure. Can be made from a single fabric or of two fabrics, for a beautiful layered look.

All sizes included, up to 46″ waist (117cm).