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Victorian Hoops and Bustles (LM112)

Victorian Hoops and Bustles (LM112)


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This pattern offers a choice of 5 boned victorian era hoops and bustles, plus a bustle pad. All views are copies of extant period hoops and bustles.

View A is a bell shaped hoop skirt popular from 1856-1863 and 1869 and 1876.

View B is an “elliptic” skirt 1863-1871.

View C is a bustle, hoop and train supporter 1869-1876, 1883-1889.

View D and E bustles were worn during the second bustle period of 1883-1889.

View F is a bustle pad worn throughout the Victorian and into the Edwardian periods. More information and resources are contained in the pattern.