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Trained Skirt Ensemble (TV208)

Trained Skirt Ensemble (TV208)



These skirts are drafted based on a tailoring method actually used in the 1870’s. It is designed to be worn over bustle TV101 or TV108.

Skirt A has the traditional five gores and two widths in back for train length. The full overskirt is pulled up in the center back and has four sashes hanging down the back.

Skirt B has the five gore front and a double width back, pleated at the side back for a “pouf.” The front apron is also pleated on the sides for gentle swags. On both skirts, the placket is in the center back seam. An optional pocket is in the right side seam.

All sizes included: Bust 75-125cm, Waist 55-105cm.


Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Lady in blue (1874)

James Jacques Tissot, The ball onboard (1875)