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The Tudor (Renaissance) Lady’s Kirtle Bodice (MA031)

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The Tudor (Renaissance) Lady’s Kirtle Bodice (MA031)


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Suitable for the years 1509-1558, this pattern gives you everything you need to create a typical kirtle bodice with front or back lacing, sleeveless or with short sleeves.

This pattern coordinates with The 16th Century Lady’s Skirts (MA027) and The Tudor Lady’s Gown Bodices and Sleeves (MA032). The skirt pattern completes your Kirtle dress and combined with the Gown Bodice it will make the type of overdress worn over a Kirtle. The Kirtle was also the basic dress of an english peasant women and can be worn for all occasions without any overdress. Dresses of these type have been worn in different regions of Renaissance Europe.

The package comes with an instruction manual including historical notes, extensive fitting and sewing instructions, and design tips.

Includes US Sizes 2-30 (Waist 60-118 cm = 24-47 1/2″).

Ständebuch, Germany 1568. Dresses similar to the Kirtle have also been worn in other regions of Renaissance Europe. This is a german example.

Samuel Hieronymous Grimm, Wedding Feast at Bermondsey, 1569.