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The Italian Lady’s Gamurra (MA025)


The Italian Lady’s Gamurra (MA025)


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Pattern for a dress of the Italian Renaissance. The gamurra was the basic Italian woman’s dress from 1490-1530. It can be used for all classes, depending on ornamentation and the garments layered over it.

The bodice of the gamurra has the option for a low or high neckline, and  front or back/side-lacing.

The front of the gamurra bodice is stiffened to give support and a smooth line. Instructions are given both for pad stitching by hand, and a similar effect using machine stitching.

The skirt is full, knife pleated, and is gored for more fullness at the hem. It has a faced slit below the bodice opening.

The sleeves are detachable two-piece sleeves, open at the elbow and back seams, with tie variations using aguilettes.

The Gamurra was worn mainly at home. When going outdoors or for more formal occasions, an overgarment like the Cioppa (MA026) or the Giornea (MA029) was worn.

This pattern also coordinates with the Italian Lady’s Underpinnings (MA008) and Wardrobe (MA009) patterns.

All Sizes included US 2-30 (Bust 80-140 cm = 32-56″).

The 53 pages instruction manual includes historical notes, extensive fitting and sewing instructions, and design tips.

This pattern coordinates with the Italian Lady’s Underpinnings and Wardrobe patterns. 

This Italian Lady is wearing a Giornea (overdress) over her Gamurra.

Gentileschi, Lute Player (1612-20)