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The Italian Lady`s Cioppa (MA026)

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The Italian Lady`s Cioppa (MA026)


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The Italian Lady’s Cioppa is a Modification Package to the Italian Gamurra pattern (MA025). The gamurra was the basic Italian woman’s dress from 1490-1530. It was worn mainly at home, and when going outdoors or for more formal occasions, an over garment was worn. The cioppa is one such garment.

The bodice of the cioppa has the option for a lower or higher waistline, and the neckline comes down to the waistline in a “V”. The skirt is full and pleated to the bodice. Also, there are two sleeve options: a long enclosed sleeve with an opening for the arm to come through, and a two part sleeve with fullness at the cap.

The package comes with an instruction manual including historical notes, extensive fitting and sewing instructions, and design tips.

Includes US Sizes 2-30 (Waist 60-118 cm = 24-47 1/2″).

Domenico Ghirlandaio, Franz von Assisi erweckt einen Knaben (Detail), 15. Jh.

Gentile Bellini, Miracle of the Cross at the Bridge of San Lorenzo, 1500.

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