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1882 Tea Gown (TV432)



tv432bspHistorically designed to be worn in semipublic and with a corset, this casual gown is perfect for teas or morning breakfasts. True to the non-bustled, Natural Form style, the skirt portion is slim in the front with the back flaring for a full train. This gown is cut in princess style, with no seams at the waistline. With the watteaux back, this gown is perfect as a tea gown. With the plain back, this dress can be suitable for regular day wear. Fitted to the body with double darts, the front closes from neck to hem with buttons or frogs. The hem can be either trained or sweep length. The fitted sleeve is in two pieces. This gown can be fully boned, or lightly boned, as the wearer prefers.

Sizes XS-XXL (Bust 75 – 125 cm = 30 – 50″) included.