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1878 Fantail Skirt (TV225)

1878 Fantail Skirt (TV225)



Petersons Magazine 1877

This skirt is drafted based on a garment as seen in an 1878 Arthur’s Home Magazine. The front is in 3 gores, fitted at the waist with darts. The back is tied in behind the knees with a drawstring and the train flares dramatically in fan shape, also known today as a “fishtail”. The closure is in the center back seam. If desired, this skirt can be also be cut to floor length.

This skirt is suitable for just about any type of dress during the period of 1878-1882. It should be elaborately trimmed if worn by itself. It also works well under overskirts and polonaises.

All sizes included (waist 20 – 46″ = 50 – 115 cm).