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1887 Imperial Skirt (TV263)

1887 Imperial Skirt (TV263)



This skirt is particularly suited to the years 1887-1888.  It has three train options:

View A is floor length all around, and is perfect as the base skirt for walking dresses.  It has a wide front gore, and narrow side gore which extends back over the bustle to give a narrow, but extended look to the back of the dress.  The full back panel has a bournous pleat at the center, which also acts as the closure.

View B has a moderate length train, suitable for evening gowns.  The front is the same as for view A.  It also has gores added to the side back seams to help the train fall smoothly to the floor.  The extra wide back has the closure between the center back and side back panels.

View C is a full court train, suitable for weddings or other formal events.  The front and sides are the same as for view B, with the back being a double width square train.  The back has two bournous pleats and a center back closure.

Includes all sizes for waist 50 – 115 cm = 20 – 46″.