Men’s &. Ladies’ Late Georgian & Regency Greatcoat and Garrick c. 1750-1825 (LM136)

Men’s &. Ladies’ Late Georgian & Regency Greatcoat and Garrick c. 1750-1825 (LM136)


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Patterns for Men’s and Ladies’ Late Georgian and Regency Greatcoat and Garrick, c. 1750- 1825. The pattern contains a Greatcoat which can be cut either single or double breasted and has the choice of a standing or a stand-and-fall collar. Any view, men’s or ladies, can have capes and the capes can be removeable. When paired with either the 3 layer cape or 4 layer cape option it is called a Carrick coat. The instructions include modern (theatrical) collar construction and period pad stitching. The coat body is the same for either the man’s or ladies’ version with only the sleeves being different. The front of the coat is plain. The back of the coat has pleats, a pocket flap, and pockets at the side backs, near the waist. The center back of the coat can be either finished with a pleat at center back waist and a back vent at the bottom, or fin-ished so that the back is open all the way from the waist to the bottom. For ladies there is an optional belt included. The sleeves are full at the sleeve heads, cut two piece, with a fully functioning large cuff that folds up at the wrist. The sleeves are long, covering part of the hand as was fashionable in the period. This overcoat is drafted to fit over the men’s garments of the period; shirt, vest, and tailcoat, so there is considerable ease drafted into the overcoat. There can be up to 10 inches of ease, depending on where you measure the body and the breadth of the coat. It is therefore recommended that a muslin be cut of the body of the coat and tried on over the garments intended to be worn under it before choosing a size and cutting your fashion cloth. The two cape options, 3 or 4 layers, both have a full cape on top and on the bottom, with the middle cape for the 3 cape option, and the middle 2 capes for the 4 cape option, being faux capes. The capes can be cut with either square or rounded front edges. Fabric: Medium weight wool flannel or wool broadcloth, well fulled. Melton may be too thick if you are using the capes. Sleeve and Cape Lining: Period– linen or cotton. Modern—any lining fabric. Interfacing: Period-medium weight linen. Modern-hair canvas. Wool Coat Lining: Period-medium weight loosely woven green wool with a high nap. Modern- Self wool, any medium weight wool, linen, silk, or modern polyester lining. Notions for Capes: An additional optional closure at the neck such as a chain hook and eye, a toggle, or a frog. 1 yard matching single fold bias tape. Buttons: Single breasted 11 5/8 or 3/4 inch, Double Breasted 16 5/8 or 3/4 inch. If using tab closures you will need the amount of buttons per number of tabs plus 4 for the back. Ladies will perhaps need different amount of buttons depending on the style of closure and if they want a belt. Period buttons should be covered with self fabric or made of metal, bone, or other period materials.

Extensive 1.4 kg pattern set with 12 large format pattern sheets and 84 pages of comprehensive illustrated instructions, including historical notes.

Size US 34-56″ (= Bust 85 – 140 cm) included.