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Ladies Round and Trained Gown 1800-1810 (LM126)

Ladies Round and Trained Gown 1800-1810 (LM126)


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Pattern for ladies round and trained gowns 1800-1810. Also known as a Bib or Apron Front this gown opens on both sides of the front, with the entire front bodice and part of the front of the skirt falling down and open. The inside of the bodice ties together with strings and the falling bodice is pinned into place at the top of the front bodice on the shoulder straps. The gown has several sleeve options: The long sleeve in View A may also be cut short or 3/4 length. The puffed sleeve in View B and C also has two lengths: one very short for evening as in View C, or the other slightly longer option which can be worn with an extension to make it a long sleeve as in View B. There is an option to add two small frills to the bottom of the long sleeves if desired. There are three options for the bodice front, which has a drawstring at the top to adjust for fitting. The skirt can be hemmed evenly all around for a round gown, and there are three options for a train: short, medium, and a long train which at the longest adds 22 inches to the back of the skirt. This type of gown was worn for day or evening; the difference being the sleeve length, type of fabric, and the elaborateness of the decoration. More information is in the pattern.

All Sizes US 4-34 (Bust 76 – 140 cm = 30 – 56″) included.