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Men’s Knickerbockers (NP E211)

Men’s Knickerbockers (NP E211)


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The casual knickerbocker style was a big hit among men in the 1920s. They were suitable for sports and leisure activities like the back then popular hiking. Our pattern is based on a German original dated 1924. The wide legs are narrowed by darts below the knees and adjusted by knee bands.

Size: Waist 98 cm (= 38 1/2″)


Information about our original period patterns:

This line features sewing patterns taken off antique originals in our private collection for maximum authenticity!

Enjoy the luxury of being able to use an antique pattern with all mod cons! No more handling fragile paper or trying to cope with old instruction manuals!

We have given our patterns a modern revamp, so you can enjoy all features of a contemporary sewing pattern: all pattern pieces are labelled with names and cutting directions, grain lines have been marked, instruction manuals are in modern English (often with illustrations).

Especially pre-1915 patterns often lack detailed instructions, that’s why we modified them to modern standards for ease of use. However, they are usually not as detailed as a modern commercial sewing pattern. Any experienced seamstress should be able to work with this pattern line.

Our antique period patterns mostly come in a single size only, as it was customary before the invention of the multisize pattern. You will have to adapt the original size to your own measurements. In pre-1915 patterns you will often find that large pattern pieces (e.g. skirt panels etc.) are only given as a diagram rather than a full size paper piece. Full measurements will be given to draft these pieces yourself. We highly recommend making a mockup/toile in scrap fabric first for a perfectly fitted period garment!