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1887 Imperial Tournure (TV163)

1887 Imperial Tournure (TV163)



A big and strong bustle, based on the lobster tail design. It has 7 wires in total with the upper ones set in an angle in fan shape, which gives you a round outline to your bustle and plenty of strength to support your heaviest skirts, as the manufacturer emphasizes. Ending a little above the knee, this bustle folds up easily to make sitting in any chair effortless. It has side panels that wrap around the body in front, which holds the bustle perfectly in place, and keeps it from shifting.

You require: 4 m steel boning tape 11 mm for small, 5 m for medium and 6 m for large sizes. Available from our “Corsetry” department.

All sizes included (Waist 50 – 115 cm = 20 – 46″).