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Plains Indian Hi-Top Moccasin (PM81)


Plains Indian Hi-Top Moccasin (PM81)


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The Two Piece Moccasin was basic to the Indians of the Plains as well as to many other areas of North America and each Tribe had variations in shape and style. Some of the differences were in the shape of the tongue and sole, fringe and in decorations. The pattern includes many sources for ideas on style and decorations of the finished moccasins. The most common adornment on moccasins was done with paint, porcupine quills and seed beads. Some Tribes also used fringe and other decorations.

Using this pattern, with just a few simple measurements, you can create either Soft or Hard Sole Plains Indian Moccasins and tongue variations. This is not just an instructions sheet, but an actual pattern that has allowed thousands of ordinary people to make their own moccasins and it is one that you will really appreciate.

Sizes: women US 5 – 10, men US 7 – 12


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