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Drop Sleeve Shirt (MR015)


Drop Sleeve Shirt (MR015)


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The Drop Sleeve Shirt was popular during the height of the Fur Trade era, approximately 1800 to 1850, when the trend was towards more fitted clothing, and features shoulders with a fitted yoke instead of the earlier, more square-cut garments. Worn as a workshirt by fur trappers, traders, settlers, and explorers, this European styled shirt was common to both rich and poor.

The blousy fit and large sleeves allow complete freedom of movement, making it a very practical garment for frontier life. If made from a fine white linen, it would be considered a dress shirt and worn on special occasions.

The Drop Sleeve Shirt was often made with a pleated, buttoned front, or alternatively in a pullover style. Both feature a simple, turned-down collar, gathered sleeves and bodice, and long tails. The pullover style can be made with either a tie or button closure at the neck, and the pattern includes variations for both styles, along with complete instructions for assembly.

Sizes (S – XL) included.