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Elizabethan Woman’s Waistcoat (MA024)

Elizabethan Woman’s Waistcoat (MA024)


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Pattern for an light elizabethan jacket of the 16th century called a “waistcoat”. It can be used for all classes, depending on fabric choice, ornamentation and the garments layered under it.

The waistcoat can be made in either a shorter or longer length with inset gussets, or with a waistseam and an attached peplum. It also can be made to fasten with lacing or ribbons at the center front. It is not meant to be boned, as it was a loose over-garment.

There are multiple sleeve options. A two-part sleeve with a more narrow fit and tapering at the wrist, and a single part sleeve with fullness at the shoulder, also tapering to the wrist. Sleeves are set-in.

The detailed instruction manual includes historical notes, extensive fitting and sewing instructions, and design tips.

Sizes US 2- 30 (Bust 80-140 cm = 32-56″, Waist 60-118 cm = 24-47 1/2″). are included in every package.

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