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Elizabethan Lady’s Skirt or Underskirt and Forepart (MA013)


Elizabethan Lady’s Skirt or Underskirt and Forepart (MA013)


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The Skirt or Underskirt is has straight front and back panels and triangular side gores, giving it a good amount of flare with minimal gathering or pleating at the waistband.  This skirt style was worn by women of all classes. Women of the upper class were more likely to wear it as an underskirt, although it was seen worn with doublets.  It can be sewn to a bodice to create a kirtle or gown, or it can be made up as a separate garment with a waistband.
The Skirt is cut wide enough to be worn over a farthingale, if desired. (see our Elizabethan Lady’s Underpinnings package).
The Forepart is a decorative panel which was worn under an open fronted skirt or gown (see our Elizabethan Overskirt and Elizabethan Comfort patterns).  It can be sewn directly to the Underskirt, or made to be detachable so that several versions can use the same underskirt.

Includes US Sizes 2-30 (Waist 60-118 cm = 24-47 1/2″).

The instruction manual includes historical notes, extensive fitting and sewing instructions, and design tips.


A Lady from Parma (1578) Weigel


A Cook (1559) Aertsen