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Edwardian Dip-Waist Belts (TVE55)

Edwardian Dip-Waist Belts (TVE55)



EIn this pattern are 3 different belts popular during the Edwardian era or 1901-1909. All are lower in the front and high in the back to help give the “dipped” front waist effect that is so typical of the period. View B is rounded in the front, with a slight downwards point at the back. View A is pointed at the front, and with an upwards blunt point and a slight point downwards at the back. Both styles close with hooks and eyes at the center back.

The third belt is narrow Cross Over belt, which was perhaps the most popular style of all. The ends of the belt broaden out into and arrowhead shape, and cross each other at the center front, closing with snap. This belt can be made of fabric, or it can also be made of leather or leather-like materials.

All sizes included (Waist 50 – 115 cm = 20 – 46″).