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Edwardian Corset 1900-1909 (PP106)


Edwardian Corset 1900-1909 (PP106)


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This corset was all the rage during the early years of the 20th C. It will give you the typical S-Silhouette of that time. It is straight in front and closed with a corset busk, while the back is curved and the hips pushed back. The cut of the “Straight-Fronted” Corset is said to have been invented by Inez Gaches-Sarrautes – a french woman with a degree in medicine – at the turn of the century. It was considered a “Health Corset” because it was designed not to compress the waist or chest. Despite Mme. Gaches-Sarrautes’s efforts to create a “Health Corset”, the fashionable women still tightened the waist too much so that the health effects were of course lost.

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All sizes (8-26) included.