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1889 Draped Skirt (TV290)



This skirt is drafted based on a tailoring method actually used in the 1880s. It is lightly draped in the front, with the back bouffant. All of the draping is created with pleats off the waistband, with no pleats in the side seams. This style of draping was very popular toward the end of the bustle era. This skirt is perfect for a day dress as full length, made out of heavier materials. Or, make the skirt out of lighter stuffs, and pull the hem higher by bunching the skirt on the sides, to create an overskirt for fancier dress.

This pattern requires 60″ material. If using 45″, you will need to piece the panels together. It is also recommended that you use underskirt TV261 as a base under this skirt to help hold the form of your skirt. This skirt fits over petticoat bustle TV101. Details

Sizes XS-2XL included (Waist 50 – 100 cm =20 – 40″).


Petersons Magazine 1889