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Elizabethan Working Women’s Wardrobe (MA006)


Elizabethan Working Women’s Wardrobe (MA006)


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Here is a pattern package that gives you all the pieces neccesary to make a complete Elizabethan working class woman’s costume!

  • Smock, partlet and skirt
  • Bodices, sleeves, and various edge treatments
  • Headwear, pouch, apron and neck cloth

This package will do for the middle- and lower-classes what the Elizabethan Lady’s Ensemble did for the noblewomen — in short, this set provides top-quality patterns, thoroughly researched and documented, in a single, comprehensive package. No more buying separate patterns for each piece.

Who needs this pattern? If you portray the thousands of Renaissance huswives, young girls, and widowed women of the village, town or city. The ale wenches, shop-women, herbalists, blacksmith’s wives, midwives, chambermaids, farmers’ wives, and many others. Until now you were left without a high-standard, historically accurate option. No more — now you have a more authentic option.

In addition, the package comes with extensive instructions: 90 pages of fully illustrated text, 3-hole punched for insertion in a binder. This includes instruction in advanced sewing and costuming techniques, appendices, sizing and measuring charts, a detailed bibliography, and an attractive cover insert.

All Sizes included US 2-30 (Bust 80-140 cm) = 32-56″.


Pieter Aertsen, Marktszene (um1550/60) Das Kleid der Marktfrau besitzt eine Schnürung und wird an den Schultern von einem Überpartlet bedeckt. Ein Unterpartlet mit Stehkragen finden Sie in der Packung MA001 “Unterwäsche der elizabethanischen Dame”

Pieter Aertsen, Market Scene (c. 1550/60) The fruitsellers dress features front lacing and is covered by a black partlet.

Cologne Maid, engraving from Jost Amman’s book “Im Frauwenzimmer wirt vermeldt von allerley schönen Kleidungen und Trachten”, 1536