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The 16th Century Lady’s Doublet and Gown (MA010)

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The 16th Century Lady’s Doublet and Gown (MA010)


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The 16th Century Lady’s Doublet is suitable for wear by all classes in the years 1565-1600. The pattern includes three neckline and collar styles, sleeves, and several skirting and shoulder treatment options.

Doublets were worn layered over bodices and skirts, and sometimes over other doublets. We have also included instructions for making it with an attached open-fronted skirt, to create what was known a a close bodied gown, to be layered over other garments.

The first of our new line of single garment patterns, the package includes several new features. The patterns are now printed on white bond paper, not tissue. And, for the first time, we have included separate pattern pieces for bust cup sizes A/B, C, D, and DD!

At over 120 pages, the instruction manual is even more detailed than those of our previous offerings. It includes historical notes, extensive fitting and sewing instructions, and design tips.

US Sizes 2-30 (Bust 80-140 cm = 32-56″) included.

Dorothea von Neuburg’s Gown (1598), Bayerisches National Museum

An english noblewoman, 1560

Francesco Terzio, 1565

A dress like this one could be worn underneath a doublet. (Elizabeth I., Steven Van Der Meulen, 1563)


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