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Avantgarde Kleid 1881 (POH1881)


Avantgarde Kleid 1881 (POH1881)


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An “artistic” gown definitely not in keeping with the mainstream fashion of its day. While Paris decreed a tight corset, bustle, and elaborate surface decoration, a great many women wore this simple, flowing style as an expression of artistic sensitivity and taste. The original dress in possession of Wisconsion Historical Society is of muted blue-green wool, with front panel of matching watered silk shirred at waist and throat. This pattern is part of WHS’ discontinued pattern line which won’t be reprinted, once the last copies are gone. Get yours while they last!

Size US 10 included.

Many artistic one-piece gowns feature in this painting by Firth (1883) depicting the status and education of their proprietresses.