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Alexandra Bodice 1887 (TV466)

Alexandra Bodice 1887 (TV466)



The Alexandra bodice is designed after an illustration from the April 1889 issue of The Delineator magazine.  Similar styles can be found throughout the late 1880’s, which makes this bodice suitable for the years 1885 – 1889.  The front of this bodice has a  narrow, simulated vest, which buttons down the center front. A shawl collar edges the front bodice at the vest seam giving a nice lapel look. The front hemline is pointed  and the sides curve upward over the hip.  The center back has cascade pleats below the waist, and the side backs frame the pleats with a point on each side, allowing the bodice to fit over either a modest bustle, or the large imperial bustle of the late 1880’s.  The sleeve is in 2 pieces, and can be made either full, or ¾-length.  A cuff can be added to the full length sleeve.  The standing collar has turned down points at the center front and can be made of the same fabric as the vest.

Includes all sizes for bust 75 – 140 cm = 30 – 56″, waist 55 – 120 cm = 22 – 48″.


Ensemble by Redfern, France 1887-89, Metropolitan Museum of Art

wedding ensemble, USA 1887, Metropolitan Museum of Art