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1876-1880s Ladies’ Princess Line Tea Gown (LM140)


1876-1880s Ladies’ Princess Line Tea Gown (LM140)


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Pattern for a victorian princess line tea gown in different styles. It is suitable for fashionable afternoon and home wear. A special feature is the elegant watteau style pleated back. Style A + B are meant to look like two separate gowns worn over each other, an illusion achieved through several layers. All styles are based on extant garments and are not meant to be worn over a bustle. A corset is advisable.

Comes with full pictured instructions and historical details. All sizes are included.

Sizes US 8-32  (Bust 78 – 135 cm = 31 1/2 – 54″, Waist 58 – 115 cm = 23 1/2 – 46″)