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The Italian Lady’s Giornea and Cuffietta (MA029)

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The Italian Lady’s Giornea and Cuffietta (MA029)


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Pattern for a Lady’s Renaissance overdress and cap, 15th – early 16th Century. The giornea was a tabard-like garment worn over the gamurra. It pulled over the head and had open sides. The most common neckline was a deep V front, reaching almost to or sometimes past the waistline. It could be worn unbelted, belted around the waist or with the belt going across the front panel and under the back, giving a cape effect. The cuffietta is the name the manufacturer has given to that elusive piece of headwear called a “Juliet cap.” It is suitable for wearing with early 16th century Italian garments.

The instruction manual includes historical notes, extensive fitting and sewing instructions, and design tips.

Sizes S-XXL are included in every package for the giornea. The cuffietta is one size fits all.

The Birth of St. John the Baptist, c. 1485–1490, by Domenico Ghirlandaio. The woman to the left wears a gamurra underneath a giornea and the women in the center seems to wear a gamurra under an overdress.

The Visitation (detail), c. 1488, by Domenico Ghirlandaio. A full-length image of Giovanna Tornabuoni wearing a gamurra and giornea.