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Laughing Moon Paper Patterns available from Nehelenia

In July 2021 Laughing Moon Patterns decided to discontinue their paper patterns entirely, because production wasn’t economically feasible anymore, and sell their entire range of products as download-only versions. We know how many of you loved appreciated these pattern packs. A major factor in the popularity of Laughing Moon patterns used to be their generous content, containing up to 12 A0 sized pattern sheets and instruction manuals of up to 90 pages. Individual prints of the download patterns will be costly to the private customer (starting from 5 Euros for one A0 sheet in copy shops or at internet printers). Therefore we have decided to keep these brilliant patterns in print. With Laughing Moon´s permission we will continue to offer you ready to use full sized paper versions of the patterns.

We are working with a local printer who provides us with high quality prints at a competitive price, thus enabling us to keep the cost lower than the price of a single print shop copy for the individual customer. Unfortunately, this still means the price of Laughing Moon patterns will go up. However, this does not reflect a higher profit margin for us, but much higher printing costs. Unlike before, patterns are now priced according to their content volume.

We are currently the only source offering Laughing Moon patterns as paper versions. We are delighted to be able to keep these high quality patterns available!