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Lace Collar / Lace Insert for Blouse Waists &. Dresses in 2 Variations

Lace Collar / Lace Insert for Blouse Waists &. Dresses in 2 Variations

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Product Description

spitzenkragen_bsp2No more dreading the making of an authentic 1890s / 1900s blouse or lace dress, we’ve got the little essential you always missed. This ready-made lace insert suits various styles, just pick a pattern from our selection, a beautiful cotton lawn or a similar fabric and sew away! Attach porcelain or mother of pearl buttons at center back and stitch loops for back closure.

The possibilities to use these lace inserts are endless! They take you easily from victorian times to the 1940s! Let your imagination go wild or get some inspiration by our photos below!

Available in 2 variations: Full Lace Collar insert or Half Insert (check below for differences)

white or black

100% Viscose (looks like silk)


The Full Lace Collar Insert is wide enough to fit all the way round the neck and can be fastened as desired in the back. You only need 1 piece.


Full Lace Collar Insert, 1 piece, fitting around the neck, center back closure.

The Half Insert is not as wide as the full collar and only suitable as front or back piece. If you want to create a full collar, you will need two pieces. Used as 1 piece only the half insert is suitable for victorian / edwardian blouse waits and 1920s-40s blouses and dresses.


Half Insert 1 piece. The edges run along the shoulder line, not reaching across to the back.

2 pieces of the half insert combine beautifully to make a large collar. The back opening has to be stichted separately.


Half Insert, 2 pieces arranged as front and back. Edges are joined in a shoulder seam.

Draped across the shoulders 2 pieces of the Half Insert form a large, attractive lace decoration suitable for blouse waists, day dresses and those ellusive edwardian lace trimmed evening gowns. They also lend a touch of luxury to 1920s-1940s blouses and dresses.


Half Insert 2 pieces draped across the shoudlers. Edges meet down center front and back.












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Full Lace Collar Insert white, Full Lace Collar Insert black, Half Insert white, Half Insert black